Access the multi-trillion-dollar market of commodities like Gold or Oil

April 29, 2019

Nearly three months after our initial beta launch, the Virtuse Exchange finally sees its public launch on May 15.

Our platform allows retail and private investors to exchange cryptocurrencies, commodities, and soon equities and other tradable assets.

Open to everyone, those who pre-register and receive KYC approval will automatically earn 200 VIRTU.

The limited public launch coincides with Virtuse’s IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), which starts at the time of the launch and will last for 2 months. (check out the IEO article by our CEO)

VIRTU token holders to explore additional benefits

  • The Virtuse ecosystem enables clients to use VIRTU Tokens for mining, staking and earning dividends.
  • Globally-first crypto-commodity platform will launch an exclusive Virtuse Dividend Plan, from which holders will benefit in a variety of ways.
  • VIRTU’s holders are rewarded with up to 70% in ETH, which amount is based on tokens holding levels.
  • The more VIRTU you buy and earn, the more VIRTU you may use for staking and earning dividends.

If you have any questions, just shoot us a message. Hope to see you in the platform.

Best wishes,
Virtuse Team