An exchange like no other

An exchange like no other

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icon Available in 100+ countries

Available in 100+ countries

Operating 24/7 exchange for the global investor, 6 major cryptocurrencies, 6 major commodities all from a single platform.

icon Digital Wealth Management

Digital Wealth Management

We enable affluent users to create end-to-end digital investing experiences tailored to their unique needs.

icon 13+ Years of Trading Success

13+ Years of Trading Success

Powered by a leading trading group serving thousands of institutions across Europe and China while being strictly supervised by several European Banking Regulators.

icon Innovative Incentives

Innovative Incentives

Low fees, tight spreads, high liquidity, and a world-class staking program (coming soon).

icon Secure & Protected

Secure & Protected

99% of users’ funds are kept in a cold storage with multi-signature technology, guarded by two-factor authentication and a host of platform controls.

icon Accessible


Easy funding, it takes 2 minutes to sign up and register, deposit cryptocurrency collateral and start trading.

icon Strong Commitment to Compliance

Strong Commitment to Compliance

Using the market leader in online verification and KYC/AML to adhere to the strictest KYC and AML global compliance standards.

icon Collaborating with Regulators

Collaborating with Regulators

Emphasis on collaboration with regulators and other stakeholders to understand and shape future digital asset standards.

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Popular Virtuse News with 20k subscribers

Keep tabs on markets with our weekly crypto and financial markets commentary.

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