Bitcoin (BTC) Whales Just Drove $240 Million Away From Exchanges

Bitcoin (BTC) Whales Just Drove $240 Million Away From Exchanges

by Virtusenews
9. May 2023
Bitcoin (BTC) Whales Just Drove $240 Million Away From Exchanges

On yet another Friday, the cryptocurrency market witnessed the sixth-largest Bitcoin withdrawal from exchanges this year, amounting to nearly $240 million. Whales, or large Bitcoin holders, have been the driving force behind these massive outflows. This significant movement of funds comes amid a period of extreme volatility in the cryptocurrency market, particularly within the meme coin sector that has seen massive rallies recently.

It is likely that these large investors are cashing in on their profits before a potential market drop, which has been further solidified by the recent cash-outs made by the Ethereum Foundation and Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. With uncertainty surrounding the market, these Bitcoin whales may be seeking to protect their investments and mitigate any potential losses. The surge in meme coin trading has brought about considerable volatility in the cryptocurrency market. As these digital assets continue to gain popularity and attract significant investments, they have the potential to impact the broader market, including well-established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The recent outflows of Bitcoin from exchanges suggest that whales are concerned about the potential effects of meme coin volatility and are moving their assets to secure locations.

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