Bitcoin Is a Paradigm Shift Of a Decade

Bitcoin Is a Paradigm Shift Of a Decade

by Virtusenews
28. September 2022
Bitcoin Is a Paradigm Shift Of a Decade

Dear bitcoiner,

Ten years ago the idea that we move a block of digital energy worth billions of dollars through cyberspace in a split second with instant settlement was absolutely unthinkable. 

What is a paradigm shift? Why Michael Saylor thinks digital energy is a paradigm shift?

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Bitcoin Is a Paradigm Shift Of a Decade

Every decade there is some profound paradigm shift, that nobody expected. It usually manifests as a wild idea that no one needs.

Former Microstrategy CEO and one of the biggest bitcoin bulls believed that this new paradigm shift is digital monetary energy.

Ten years ago the idea that we move a block of digital energy worth billions of dollars through cyberspace in a split second with the instant settlement was absolutely unthinkable.

What is a paradigm shift?

A paradigm shift is a change in the perception of how things should be thought about, done, or made.

The changes upend the reign of the status quo which is often a failed system.

But people usually choose to hold on to these systems because they are familiar with them.

For example, the internet created a paradigm shift in the way financial services operate. Before the internet, a client would have to call their broker, who would write out an order ticket for the broker’s record, then call the firm’s floor broker to execute the trade.

Thanks to the internet, such trade takes a split second online. However, the brokers in order to maintain their failing industries spent billions of dollars, but their fall was inevitable.

In hindsight we know, they stood no chance.

Bank robbers are asking for their own money back

The same is happening right now.

Governments spend trillions of dollars on the traditional banking system to keep it from collapsing. Yet it is evident that it is inevitable.

In Turkey, Argentina, and Venezuela the governments viciously hold on to banking systems that have absolutely no chance of surviving. For example, the Lebanese pound lost 90% of its value in 18 months.

People have been famously breaking into banks and taking people hostage to get their money back.

In other words, the bank robbers’ demand was only to return their own money back.

It will arrive sooner than we think

The digital asset paradigm shift will end all these anomalies and help people worldwide to preserve their wealth.

And it will happen fast.

economic crisis in Lebanon

Zmena príde rýchlejšie ako si myslíme

Pri pohľade na devalváciu eura sa na podobné kuriozity môžeme čoskoro pripraviť aj v našich končinách. Zmena paradigmy príde rýchlejšie ako si myslíme. Stačí sa pozrieť do histórie.

As Vladimir Ilyich Lenin put it, “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen” 

For example, it took less than 10 years for a horse and buggy to be completely replaced by automobiles. Digital cameras, decimated traditional film cameras and now a similar fate awaits the current banking system.

Billions of people around the world have already been educated on why they need the digital commodity or global monetary network like bitcoin and what its place in the world economy. 

Over 120 million people already use it, and so has every major financial institution and all the major global regulators accepted it and endorsed it as a commodity.

Traditional conventions are broken

A decade ago we didn’t have a concept of digital energy.

People are questioning state currencies that are losing 15% of their value every year.

All traditional finance conventions have been broken. And it’s not just because of the current crisis. We’re looking at the result of the decades of bad policies and decisions that are ready to collapse.

While incumbents often fiercely resist the new world, eventually a new paradigm sweeps over and replaces entire previous industries.

In hindsight it was inevitable.

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