Bitcoin’s Hashrate Nears All Time High

Bitcoin’s Hashrate Nears All Time High

by Virtuse Admin
7. October 2021
Bitcoin’s Hashrate Nears All Time High

Just three months after the world’s second biggest economy kicked out some 50% of all bitcoin miners in China, bitcoin’s hashrate is back to nearly all time high.

As can be seen above, bitcoin’s hashrate has risen to 177 exahashes a second (EH/s), up 3x from a brief low of just 58 EH/s on June 27th.

It’s still below the all time high of 198 EH/s reached on April 15th, but not by much any longer as it nearly fully recovers.

Some suggest the recovery is partly because El Salvador has started volcano mining bitcoin, but the president of El Salvador Nayib Bukele said they were still testing it with it not quite yet fully rolled out.

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