Disruption of Traditional Markets

Financial markets are messy, expensive, inaccessible. That’s one of the reasons not too many people are involved in them these days. The internet got rid of all the middleman in providing information.

We don’t need big media houses, telecoms, and fax operators. Anybody can create their video content on YouTube. We see the exact same dynamic playing out in financial markets. Cryptocurrencies are changing all of that in the same way the internet did in media. 

We don’t need all the middleman for financial products. There is no need for clearing banks, custodians, settlement providers, you don’t need any of that.

There is unlimited potential for digital assets. Global financial products represent 300 trillion-dollar market, which is roughly 3,000x larger than crypto assets. You have equities, bonds, futures, real estate all these paper-based, mostly cash-settled assets that have something real attached to them, and they can and will be digitized. And that’s why people are getting excited the digital assets and digital asset management.

However, this vast market is not accessible to all. With Virtuse Exchange, all the households will get easy access to investments that are a few clicks away. That’s a profound proposition for this planet.