Fear Is Real

Fear Is Real

by Ras Vasilisin
6. April 2020
Fear Is Real

The fear is real.

Especially when we’re watching the televised “corona outbreak.”

To me, it all seems just like a test-run leading up to a much bigger scare like the one we’re currently watching unfold. 

What do I mean by that?

Markets are already in record declines. Massive layoffs have begun. Capital is drying up. 

We’re being attacked FINANCIALLY!

I have no doubt that it will shake the world at its core. Even more than corona. 

Unfortunately, for most investors out there, this crisis is the perfect excuse to just do what everyone else is doing. 

To cut their losses or hold until things blow over.

But is this the right move?

It’s no secret that investing is incredibly difficult. And yes, the fear-mongering can get you stuck. 

But isn’t investing all about finding opportunities in places others have overlooked?

Why should these difficult times ahead be any different? 

Well, if history proves to be any sort of reliable predictor, recessions have actually served as the launchpad for some of the world’s most incredible investments.

My favorite quote from Mark Yusko is that investing is the only business when things go on sale, everyone runs outside the store.

Investing opportunities are born every single day. Don’t let anyone or anything scare you out of building yours.

Here are some ideas….

  • Buy crypto gold and stablecoins (PAXG and PAX) – there is already word coming out of certain banks limiting withdrawals and closing down branch locations. So, stay safe.
  • Buy crude oil 
  • Buy Monero 


And always remember what Warren Buffett famously advised, “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.

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