Gold-backed PAX Gold Now Available on Virtuse Exchange

Gold-backed PAX Gold Now Available on Virtuse Exchange

by Virtuse Admin
29. April 2020
Gold-backed PAX Gold Now Available on Virtuse Exchange

Starting April 28, PAX Gold will be available for trading on VIRTUSE Exchange, a leading European digital asset exchange. PAX Gold (ticker symbol PAXG) will be traded against PAXOS Standard (PAX). 

More than $100 billion in gold is traded daily, but access to this market tends to be limited to large institutions. PAX Gold is a digital asset that allows individuals and institutions access to the highest-quality investment-grade gold held in the most secure vaults with no storage fees. When you own PAX Gold, you own the underlying gold bars and you can redeem your tokens for physical bars. Available as an Ethereum-based token, PAX Gold also offers 24/7 accessibility.

“We’re pleased that even more people around the world now have access to PAX Gold through Virtuse Exchange,” added Walter Hessert, Corporate Strategy at Paxos.

“PAX Gold is the safest and easiest way to get the highest-quality physical gold,” he added.

With PAXG an investor can send the token globally, peer-to-peer, in a few minutes to anybody anywhere. No bank account necessary. 

The result is that this tokenized gold can be used  not only as a store of value but also  as a means of payment. It can become the type of money used during the gold standard.  It might be even the  money  the world will turn to again, should state defaults and bank runs become daily news.

Ras Vasilisin, CEO of Virtuse Exchange said, “Listing PAX Gold the Paxos allows Virtuse to demonstrate how it can combine digital assets with the physical commodities.”

“PAX Gold has provided us with new modern digital gold trading” he added. 

To buy tokenized physical gold PAXG you can register here.

Virtuse Exchange users with $25k or more in digital assets can also schedule a call with Virtuse’s Wealth Manager to develop a custom program. 

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