How do we do that

Virtuse bridges crypto with trillions of dollars of commodities and physical assets, old with then new. 

For that to happen we leverage Digital Asset Collateralized Contracts (DACCs), a model that allows an investor to convert their cryptocurrencies into commodities, without having to move money from one wallet to another. The DACCs act rather like a stablecoin whose value can be pegged with a reliable price feed to the value of USD.

DACC is made available for everyone who is making use of USDT or other major stable coins. This contract takes stable coins and pegs it to the value of any investment that the investor might want exposure to. This can be gold, oil or silver. 

This just means that when you are buying $1,000 worth in gold, you are making use of cryptos actually to create the contract.  In cases where the price of gold is going up, then you will be getting more of USDT. If the price of gold is going to go down, then you will end up with less of USDT.

As the old saying goes, people don’t buy drills, they buy holes. Consumers do not need to know the concept of the creation of synthetic assets. They want results the tool can get them. They need to buy and sell gold or oil seamlessly and hold in on their private keys. The fact that there are complex market-making operations and the creation of synthetic contracts behind the scenes, doesn’t concern them.

Virtuse will also be adding more of global assets in the new future.

No Tokenization Involved

There is no tokenization involved in the process of creating a bridge between the old and new financial markets. And, therefore DACCs are not tokenized commodities. Customers are getting investment exposure to commodities and soon to almost any kind of asset type. The Virtuse’s platform builds a lot of synthetic contract by making use of the DACCs. The investors are experiencing the actual losses and profits of the actual asset type.

Virtuse Exchange allows customers to buy traditional commodities like gold, oil, silver, coffee, platinum or carbon emissions with USDT making Virtuse the first platform of its kind in the world to support crypto for buying commodities. Virtuse will soon offer ETFs as well as indices like the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100.