How to get a coin listed on Virtuse Exchange

How to get a coin listed on Virtuse Exchange

by Virtuse Admin
2. January 2020
How to get a coin listed on Virtuse Exchange

As we look towards 2020, we have a long list of new products and features we’re excited about bringing to our customers. A growing list of assets is at the top of our expansion list for this year.  In preparation for new assets coming soon, we wanted to take this opportunity to update you on how we are approaching listings this year.

Moving forward, there will be two ways for an asset to get listed on our exchange:

  1. Our new Token Listing Form
  2. Customer feedback & voting

Using our Token Listing Form

We encourage all project founders or representatives who are interested in having their assets listed on Virtuse to apply using this form. We will rely on the information provided to us in our Token Listing Form when carefully evaluating an asset’s potential.

Incorporating Customer Feedback

We are introducing a few new ways for customers to be involved in which assets are routed to the top and ultimately get listed. Early in 2020, we’ll begin holding polls where our community can vote on the assets they would most like to trade with us. Users will be able to place votes in the Virtuse Twitter account.

We want our customers to be excited about the assets we list. In addition to voting, we’ll be opening up ways for customers to submit ideas of what they want to see listed on our exchange.

This year, we can finally deliver on the listings, products, and features that our clients have been wanting to see. Expect more assets (both crypto and traditional), more earning opportunities (with staking, airdrops, and other means), and more ways to trade to be available on our exchange soon.

For more information please see:
Token Listing Guidelines
Virtuse Token Listing Services 


The Virtuse team

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