Money Printing: The Ugly “Elephant in the Room” That Media Ignore

Money Printing: The Ugly “Elephant in the Room” That Media Ignore

by Ras Vasilisin
22. November 2021
Money Printing: The Ugly “Elephant in the Room” That Media Ignore

October’s official CPI inflation numbers came in at a 6.2% year-over-year increase, and the eurozone’s inflation rose to 4.1%. The U.S. inflation hit 30-year-high and the European 13-year-high. 

Here’s one way to describe what that means. According to official numbers, you lost money unless you got a 6.2% pay raise this year. In other words, thanks to inflation, you got a pay cut. 

So what is the primary driver of inflation?

The answer is obvious and as always, acknowledging the problem is the first step to solving it. The problem is that most reports in media about inflation ignore the elephant in the room. 

And what’s the elephant in the room?

We have inflation because the central banks print too much money into circulation. The more money is in circulation, the less they’re worth. Rising prices are just a consequence of monetary policies, and governments can blame it on the pandemic or supply shortages, but that’s simply not true. 

Why not?

When the central banks print more money and give it to people to spend, that doesn’t mean there is more product to buy. You just have more money to buy the same stuff. That’s basic supply and demand. 

However, it’s important to remember that the real inflation rate is much higher than 6.2%. Every sophisticated person knows that these numbers are not accurate. We don’t have time to discuss the intricacies of the official and unofficial inflation numbers, and I wrote about how the numbers are manipulated in my previous articles. But I encourage everyone to review alternative measures of inflation such as Shadowstat or The Chapwood index.  According to their numbers, inflation is double or triple the official number. 

More gas on inflation fire

The biggest problem is that the Fed and ECB make the situation even worse. And not only by ignoring it, but they’re actually pouring more gas on the fire.

According to data from the Fed, 36% of all the money printed in the US was printed in the last 15 months. 

Things are getting out of hand. 

Most rich people have realized that inflation is here to stay, and they’ll have to protect themselves. They’re choosing Bitcoin and equities over paper money, with which governments are conducting a dangerous experiment. 

But Bitcoin and stocks aren’t the only assets that are benefiting from inflation. For example, here are selected commodity returns in 2021:

Natural Gas: +101%
Coffee: +75.4%
Gasoline: +66.8%
WTI Crude: +64.4%

Heating Oil: +61%

Cotton: +46.8%

Aluminum: +34.6%

Wheat: +30%

Sugar: +27%
Copper: 24.8%

Corn: +20.7%

Lumber: +15%

Silver: – 4.7%

Gold: -1.4%


As you can see, everything is up, more than double digits, except for the silver and gold. It may sound surprising to some, but gold has been one of the worst performers in the last decade. The historical safe-haven asset has lost value during the high inflation. Pretty incredible.

To put it in perspective, we have stocks, real estate, Bitcoin, wages, and inflation near an all-time-highs, yet our central banks hold interest rates down at 0% and print trillions more. They’re literally pouring more gas on the inflation fire. 


Deny, deny, deny

And what are the governments doing about inflation? 

Rather than fighting it, the American and European governments just keep changing the media narrative. The narrative last year was that inflation wasn’t something to worry about. Then it evolved into inflation being transitory. And now they’re pushing a narrative that “inflation is actually good for you!”

Inflation isn’t good for you. It’s not fun to have less money to buy food. 

They print money out of nothing, dumping trillions of new money in the system, and that new money dilutes the value of existing money. As a direct result, the entire US and European middle-class population is being taxed by the record rate of inflation.

As Elon Musk has recently put it,  “Inflation is the most regressive tax of all, yet is advocated by those who claim to be progressive.” 

Don’t fight the Fed

There’s an old saying on Wall Street “Don’t fight the Fed.” 

In fact, no one is fighting the Fed. However, the Fed will eventually beat itself at its own game. 

There’s a limit to how long the central banks can print money and keep interest rates low. At some point, maybe sooner than you think, the hyperinflation arrives, and the currencies collapse. 

Yes, I can almost hear you thinking that the official definition for hyperinflation is 50% month-over-month inflation. 

Why is that number 50%? 

No one knows. Probably, it’s just a random number that some professors came up with. According to that definition, if inflation is 49% month-over-month, it doesn’t count as hyperinflation even if the people literally can’t afford to buy food. 

In reality, if you were living in a country with only 10% monthly inflation, you would be trying to run away as fast as you could from that country. You wouldn’t be waiting around for inflation to hit 51% a month to tell that your money is worthless.  

In my view, it’s better to think of hyperinflation as just technically high, runaway inflation. It’s not 50% monthly inflation, as the academics tell us. If we ever get to that point, it going to be too late anyway, because we’re going to have a collapse of the financial system. In fact, any double-digit inflation is catastrophic to economies. Unfortunately, we’re getting dangerously close to that number. 

So what’s the solution?

First of all, don’t rely on the Fed or ECB to fix inflation. They’re are actually doing the opposite of what should be done.

Inflation is nasty stuff. It’s the permanent feature of the world economy, and it’s definitely not transitory, as they told us. It can significantly damage your purchasing power and your life. 

There’s no silver bullet for solving inflation, but there is an easy template for how it should be done. Simply don’t hold any cash on your account and start investing. I might sound like a broken record, but you have to learn more about Bitcoin. 

Don’t get robbed in real-time by inflation. 


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