NGU: The Bitcoin Price Will Rise With More Education

NGU: The Bitcoin Price Will Rise With More Education

by Virtuse Admin
27. September 2021
NGU: The Bitcoin Price Will Rise With More Education
Hyperbitcoinization comes from adoption. Teaching others about Bitcoin ushers in this change even quicker.

If you’re reading this article on Bitcoin Magazine, then it’s likely that you and I have a lot in common. Clearly, we’ve both fallen down the Bitcoin rabbit hole. See if this sounds like you:

Heading to the gym? I’ll listen to Guy Swann narrate an article then get pumped about it after (it’s amazing the energy that he brings to his podcast all alone at midnight). Got a bunch of monotonous tasks to do at work? I think I’ll listen to John Vallis talk about psychedelics, fighting and philosophy. Or maybe I’m driving to a golf course that’s 30 minutes away. Perfect, I’ll start a Breedlove podcast and finish it on the way back. I hope Michael Saylor is on. I love when he tells me how Bitcoin obeys the laws of thermodynamics and is the most efficient battery ever created. Oh, and my girlfriend wants to go out with some friends on Friday night? I already downloaded “Anatomy of the State” by Murray Rothbard and plan to listen to the audiobook on the balcony with a glass of bourbon in hand.

Sound like you? You get it. There is an endless amount of intellectual stimulation in the Bitcoin rabbit hole. And financial gains, too. That’s what brought most of us here in the first place, right? Be honest.

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