Stop Following the Media if You Want to Get Rich

Stop Following the Media if You Want to Get Rich

by Ras Vasilisin
17. January 2022
Stop Following the Media if You Want to Get Rich

One of the biggest global crises is the lack of financial education.

While inflation breaks historical records every month, it’s not money-driven but an education-driven issue.

Some people have already realized it and started holding more investable assets to protect against devaluation.

But the majority of the population still lives in the dark. People simply try to save themself to financial security or live from paycheck to paycheck.

And that is insane.

As a result, the wealth inequality gap is increasingly widening at a record pace.

Media is here to protect the goverment

It’s important to remember that the mainstream media won’t educate you.

There’s a revolving door between the media and the government.

Media rely on the government to exist. They accept money from the government, and are regulated from to the very bottom by the government.

It’s very difficult for them to resist the government.

The media simply protects the government and preserve the status quo.

Even after 13 years of Bitcoin’s existence, the mass media still don’t understand it.

They repeat the same old anti-Bitcoin narratives, but they don’t see it as the best savings technology.

As a digital place where you can store your wealth without the possibility of anyone devaluing or confiscating it is, at least, as good as gold.

Reading is a superpower

In essence, the media is to people what blinders are to horses. Blinders are small masks that prevent a horse from seeing behind and to its side.

Humans wear these masks, too, when they lack financial education.

So instead, try to become a learning machine. If you get a little wiser every day, it will compound just like interest over the years.

As Charlie Munger, self-made billionaire likes to put it,

“In my whole life, I have known no wise people who didn’t read all the time — none. Zero.”

The moment you have a framework that allows you to absorb, understand and deploy financial knowledge, you become unstoppable.

Reading is a true superpower.

Final thought

In short, don’t try to change the media. They will continue what they do.

Instead, we can enable a new financial system that is more transparent, efficient, and secure than the current one.

As Socrates stated,

“The secret of the change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

And finally, help yourself and then support others to understand how money works and what inflation does. Once you have the knowledge, share it and speak up.

Help others understand how saving in fiat currencies that continue to lose purchasing power may not be a smart financial decision.


If we fix the money, we fix the world.

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