The Meaning Of ‘Virtuse’ To Our Company, People And Investors

The Meaning Of ‘Virtuse’ To Our Company, People And Investors

by Virtuse Admin
26. June 2018
The Meaning Of ‘Virtuse’ To Our Company, People And Investors

What does ‘Virtuse’ mean?

It is almost 12 years since we’ve chosen Virtuse as our brand name, but we still get many questions about the meaning.

The true meaning of the term virtuse was coined at the beginning of the 16th century by Niccolo Machiavelli, Italian diplomat, politician, and philosopher. According to Machiavelli, virtù is a governing principle of success. If virtù is the pinnacle of success, then Fortuna is the at the other edge of the sword.

In Machiavelli’s political treatise, The Prince (1513), he used the Latin word virtù, not as a moral virtue — but as strength, power, control, the ability to compel objective reality to obey your will, the ability to impose your will on something else.

Fortuna stands as a diametric opposite and enduring antagonist to virtù. Fortuna is all of those circumstances which human beings cannot control.

For example, in Chapter VI, Machiavelli praises leaders like Cyrus, Romulus and Theseus to illustrate how these men rose to be princes without being dependent on Fortuna. Such men may face initial difficulties establishing their governance but once they do, they attain success with ease.

Here’s what virtuse means to:

Our company

Virtuse Group was founded in 2006 with the vision of transforming global emissions and renewable energy markets in Europe. By 2010, Virtuse Group had become one of the largest emission brokers in Europe.

Due to Virtuse’s success, in 2014, the group expanded from Europe to Asia – and became the first foreign emissions trading system (ETS) broker in China.

Virtuse Group further secured and expanded its foothold in China by launching the Chinese Emissions Exchange (CEEX) in Shenzhen, and has since grown to become one of the largest international emissions brokers in China.

In 2017, Virtuse Group was looking for a way to bridge the gap between the old, centralised financial markets – and create something that’s new, dynamic, diverse, and different.

The group launches Virtuse Exchange in Singapore – a cryptocurrency exchange for investors to invest and trade a wide range of asset classes that are secured against real-world assets.

But, how do we get there? In the crypto market, relying on Fortuna is not an option. We can’t control external factors, but we can control what we do to better ourselves and achieve our vision.

So to us, virtuse means strength, power and growth.

Our people

Our people are disruptors. They work smart – embody passion, perseverance and resilience for the work they do. All team members share the vision of becoming the best crypto company on the planet.

Each and every Virtuse team member takes control of the situation to ensure the best possible outcome for clients and investors. We stay ahead of the game by continuing to innovate and create next-level services. In Machiavelli’s words – our people maximise virtù and minimise Fortuna.

To our people, virtuse is the ability to show resilience and grit in times of hardship due to Fortuna.

Our investors

Our investors want to take control of their future and be ahead of the trends. They are seeking to diversify and enrich their portfolio by adding interesting assets without the need to obtain a license.

Our more daring clients who embody true virtù speculate on the price growth of underlying assets through our highly secure and trustworthy platform.

Virtuse is the only exchange which connects crypto assets with traditional financial markets. Our investors mitigate risk by incorporating commodities into their portfolio. This is why our investors choose Virtuse every time.

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