Token Listing Services

Token Listing Services

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Convert your token to gold and other traditional assets 

We provide reliable real-time exchange rates & crypto to traditional asset conversions for your token.

  • Easy ways to convert to gold, silver, or the S&P 500
  • Grow your token flexibility and awareness
  • Hedge your holdings with gold without a need to convert to fiat



Why choose our services

  • Low listing fees
  • Flexibility for your token – trade crypto-to-commodities and crypto-to-stocks
  • Raising the trading volume capacity of a token & its liquidity
  • Guaranteed listing if your project meets our requirement
  • More earning opportunities (with staking, airdrops, and other means)
  • Fast KYC procedure
  • Reduce overall time, expenses and costs of approval
  • Market Making strategy to increase trading liquidity
  • Increase your project sale potential and exposure to investors
  • Maximize the number of potential investors
  • Eliminating roadblocks with speed of approval
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Get a free evaluation of your project from the exchange point of view



Virtuse Exchange offers 3 types of token listing services for selected projects.

Trading pairs1 pair only BTC, ETH, USDT, GUSD, PAX3 pairs with BTC, ETH and or USDT5 pairs with BTC, ETH, USDT, GUSD, Gold
Market making1 pair + Liquidity provision + 1 zero-fee account3 pairs + Volume making + 2 zero-fee accounts + Order book management + Narrow Spreads5 pairs + Volume making + 6 zero-fee accounts + Order book management + Narrow Spreads + Token price support
PromotionsTwitter, TelegramTwitter, Telegram, Facebook, Linked, Emails listTwitter, Telegram, Facebook, Linked, Email marketing, Announcement
ExtraAirdropAirdrop, referral promotion
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