VIRTU replaces VIRT Tokens Smart Contract

VIRTU replaces VIRT Tokens Smart Contract

by Virtuse Admin
23. May 2019
VIRTU replaces VIRT Tokens Smart Contract

As you might have already noticed, we’ve rebranded our token from VIRT to VIRTU. This is mainly because the new name is perfectly in tune with our brand, which was inspired by the Latin term “virtù,” popularized by Italian philosopher and politician Niccolo Machiavelli as a governing principle of success. For more info read our article.

How to get your tokens

Existing and new holders should opt for the following in order to receive or swap tokens:

  1. a) Register at and create an account, which contains VIRTU wallet, or
  2. b) Create an account at MyEtherWallet or any other wallet supporting ERC-20 standard

As soon as you pass a simple registration process, you’ll receive 200 VIRTU in your VIRTU wallet.

Please note that as of today, VIRT tokens are fully replaced by VIRTU tokens, and VIRT tokens are no longer valid. If you hold VIRT tokens please send us an email at to arrange for the swap.

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