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The new way to own the future of markets

Native exchange cryptocurrencies are the new revolutionary way to own the next generation capital market infrastructure. VIRTU is the native cryptocurrency of the Virtuse Exchange. VIRTU creates a circular token economy where the value of the token increases alongside the scaling of the platform.

VIRTU is listed on VIRTUSE Exchange


While the platform is open to VIRTU holders and non-VIRTU holders alike, holding a certain amount of VIRTU tokens (“staking”) grants benefits or access to additional functionality and services. When you own at least 10k VIRTU, you qualify for zero trading fees on all our assets. To take advantage of this offer, buy only 10,000 VIRTU, and hold them in your Virtuse account.

Rewards will be offered to active contributors to the network. There are various programs for the different stakeholder groups, e.g. rewards for active investors, paybacks for asset issuers, rewards for contributors of work. Membership status is needed to access most of the reward programs. Holding VIRTU tokens alone without any active contribution of work/experience will not grant any revenue participation.

VIRTU token can be used to pay for the platform’s fees. Certain services (e.g. transaction fees, listing fees, application fees) are discounted when paid for with VIRTU token.

Holding VIRTU enables participation in surveys and voting polls. Depending on the vote, the participant’s quantity of VIRTU will be used in weighing the results. From a legal perspective, the voting results are non-binding.

Virtuse allows the purchase of VIRTU tokens with PAX Standard and ETH. VIRTU trading is available in countries around the world, with the exception of China and the US. Services related to VIRTU token are managed by our Singapore entity, Virtuse Xchange Pte. Ltd. 

VIRTU will be one of the bridge currencies listed on the VIRTUSE Platform and as such will help to improve liquidity across tokenized assets.

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