Virtuse Commodity trading is now live!

Virtuse Commodity trading is now live!

by Virtuse Admin
8. August 2019
Virtuse Commodity trading is now live!

At Virtuse Exchange, things are showing no sign of slowing down. One month ago, we crossed the 1 million weekly volume milestone. And last week we launched crypto commodity trading with first six commodity pairs. Now you can trade gold, silver, oil, carbon, and coffee with cryptos, no banks involved. 


Globally-first crypto-commodity trading

Virtuse Exchange offers traders crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-commodity trading in over 100 countries (excluding the USA and China).  

The platform  is designed for ambitious traders, wealthy clients, and institutions. It was built with those in mind who need a reliable, scalable and professional environment for digital asset trading.


Commodity trading pairs

We provide you access to popular crypto and commodity trading pairs. The supported trading pairs include: ETH/BTC, ETH/USDT, BTC/USDT, XRP/USDT, LTC/USDT, VIRTU/ETH, GOLD/USDT, SILVER/USDT, OIL/USDT, CARBON/USDT, PLATINUM/ USDT, COFFEE/USDT with more to come. To learn more about our Exchange, visit 


What’s next

Looking ahead, Virtuse is partnering with a global EU licensed fintech company to enable credit card payment for cryptocurrencies. Soon, you will soon be able to buy BTC and ETH with VISA or mastercard in U.S dollars and euros.

In Q4 you will be able to use our native VIRTU token to pay for your trading fees and receive up to 68% dividend when staking VIRTU. But that’s not all, superholders owning more than 300,000 VIRTU will receive 10% of the entire exchange trading revenues. More rewards and features to be announced.


Our Mission

Our mission from the beginning was to build a crypto-commodities exchange, so for the first time, we can truly democratize access to investment opportunities on a global scale. 

You don’t have to be an accredited investor to be able to participate in financial markets. 

We’re excited to allow anyone to start investing in commodities and take control over their financial future.

Thank you for supporting our mission.

Ras Vasilisin

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