Virtuse Exchange — SLIM Profiling

Virtuse Exchange — SLIM Profiling

by Tomas Kurtansky
30. July 2019
Virtuse Exchange — SLIM Profiling

There are in fact problems all round in the crypto markets these days. Looking at the main players, and even newcomers. Investor’s sentiment is leading towards a new term called SLIM — Security, Liquidity, Innovativeness, and Money to Start.

In our article on the phenomenon of “ICO Klondike”, we stressed on the requirements for an exchange to be successful. We defined the new SLIMmodel that upcoming exchanges are encouraged to follow to instill investor and user confidence.

We are pleased to announce that Virtuse Exchange conforms to the SLIM model:


Virtuse Exchange is protected and secured by the best cyber security companies in the market. We have partnered with esteemed cyber security solutions that ensure that our platform is secure. We have fiduciary level digital asset custody solutions in place for our assets.


Virtuse Exchange strives to have ample liquidity on our platform and ensuring our users a seamless trading experience. Virtuse Exchange will incorporate a transfer fee mining model, providing liquidity and at the same time rewarding users according to their trading volume.


Virtuse Exchange revolutionizes the financial market using our Digital Collateralized Asset Tokens (DACTs) that bridges traditional assets with cryptocurrencies. Traditional markets that were only accessible to “accredited” investors, will be open to everyone.

Money to Start

Virtuse Exchange has roots in the emissions trading market in Europe under Virtuse Group. Virtuse Exchange has the capital, infrastructure, technology, and users behind, drastically minimizing investor risk.

Our mission is to break down those barriers and let everyone participate in global markets at any level of investment without having to pay intermediaries.

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