Virtuse Exchange Users Can Now Earn With Cred

Virtuse Exchange Users Can Now Earn With Cred

Virtuse Admin
by Virtuse Admin
27. April 2020
Virtuse Exchange Users Can Now Earn With Cred

Virtuse customers can begin earning on their digital assets at highly competitive rates

Virtuse Exchange, a leading crypto commodity exchange serving over 100 countries with eight digital commodities and over 45 crypto pairs has launched its partnership with Cred, a leading financial services provider. Virtuse Exchange users can earn interest on digital assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP and more. Users can click here or visit Virtuse exchange and click the Start Earning button. Virtuse Exchange will also list LBA on its exchange, to enable Virtuse customers to earn the highest rates available on Cred.

“Our digital wealth clients don’t buy crypto to spend it. Instead, they view it as an investment vehicle. Cred gives them extra earning, lending, and borrowing power on their holdings,” said Ras Vasilisin, Founder and CEO of Virtuse.

“We’re excited to be working with Cred as our financial services partner, offering a full suite of digital banking services,”  he added.

The Virtuse Exchange earn button allows users immediate access to daily compound interest, interest payouts in the cryptocurrency or stablecoin of their choice, and other powerful tools to help manage their portfolio of crypto assets. A customer can pledge one asset, but choose to receive interest payments in another asset, enabling a fee-free ability for customers to diversify their cryptocurrency portfolio.



Daily compounding is an essential tool for customers looking for wealth creation strategies as it allows users to earn on their initial principal as well as the accumulated interest. Cred is one of the only financial platforms to offer daily compounding on such a wide variety of cryptocurrencies.

“At Cred we are always looking for new and innovative ways to provide value to the blockchain community,” said Dan Schatt, CEO of Cred.

“We are excited to branch into new territories and offer our services to advanced crypto exchanges like Virtuse,” he added.

Virtuse Exchange users with $150K or more in digital assets can also schedule a call with Cred’s Private Client Associates to develop a custom program.


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