Virtuse in retrospect 2021

Virtuse in retrospect 2021

by Virtuse Admin
4. January 2022
Virtuse in retrospect 2021

Dear client,

Despite another year of lockdowns and restrictions in 2021, the Virtuse team has come together and risen to meet the unique challenges.

On behalf of the whole team wishing all the best for 2022 to you, your family, and colleagues with lots of health, happiness, joy, and success.

But before we take on the new year, I want to revisit our biggest milestones and achievements in 2021.

  1. Launched a fiat gateway supporting over 20 currencies
  2. Set 0% fee for deposits in 12 fiat currencies
  3. Launched EUR trading, deposits, and withdrawals
  4. Lowered minimum purchase to 5 eur
  5. Launched the first Bitcoin-centric app in the EU
  6. Licensed on the Slovak commercial registry as a virtual exchange and wallet
  7. Added 20,500 new users
  8. Increased Dailly Volume to $10 million a day
  9. Listed as TOP 10 EU Exchange on CoinMarketCap
  10. Listed as TOP 10 EU Platform on Cryptowisser 
  11. Simplified the KYC interface
  12. Redesigned Virtuse logo and interface
  13. Improved Virtuse News and launched Virtuse Report for 20k+ investors
  14. Added USDC coin
  15. Integrated Custody with Unchained Capital
  16. Launched Invite rewards
  17. Started Virtuse YouTube channel
  18. Started Instagram, a Facebook group 
  19. Signed new partnerships: Ondato, Globitex, Cryptowisser, Unchained Capital, Trustpilot, Coinfirm and Coinpedia


We’ve got plenty more exciting updates en route for 2022, so check your email, Twitter, and Facebook regularly.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you and looking forward to more interactions next year with you.


Ras Vasilišin


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