Virtuse News: How to Survive the Corona Recession

Virtuse News: How to Survive the Corona Recession

by Virtuse Admin
2. December 2019
Virtuse News: How to Survive the Corona Recession

15 Investment Strategies For Surviving the Corona Recession

With the coronavirus spreading globally, the likelihood of a new recession seems inevitable. Read the latest article where our CEO, Ras Vasilisin, compiled the 15 most comprehensive and thought-provoking strategies and ideas to help protect your money during the corona recession. 


Invest in Gold with two unique ways

At Virtuse you can hedge and invest in gold without the need to convert to fiat. The first option is to invest in our digital asset (DACC – Digital Asset Collateralized Contract) tracking the price of GLD the most liquid gold ETF. The second option is to buy PAXG which is a New York regulated token tracking price of gold. 



Virtuse in Media




New Assets

We’re happy to announce that the Basic Attention Token (BAT) was fully integrated into Virtuse Exchange.



Feature Update

Our mission is to provide access to all markets, regardless of where you live or how much money you have. We will not be stopped by any virus. The Virtuse team has been focused on and has made strong progress in upgrading its current suite of services and the development of our digital asset mission. 

☑️ Payment Gateway Integration (see announcement)
☑️ Mobile Trading Application for iOS and Android (soon)
☑️ New Simple VEX Platform (click here)
☑️ New Assets Listed (BAT)
☑️ Earn up to 10% interest on USD and crypto
☑️ Hummingbot Algo Integration

And much more!




Virtuse Earn: Access 3 – 10% return on your digital currency holdings

Virtuse made yet another huge step forward in delivering digital wealth products for sophisticated investors. 

  • Virtuse Earn allows you to access a yield of 5-10% on your digital assets.
  • Virtuse Borrow gives you flexible credit at interest rates as low as 9%.


Regulated Fiat Gateway with Virtuse

Virtuse made major step forward in allowing the first-time crypto users to invest in the platform.  The new fiat gateway is one of the fastest and simplest USD on/off ramps in the market. Together with Binance, Virtuse is one of the first to integrate this solution. 



Virtuse Group redesigned website

We are excited to announce the launch our holding company’s redesigned website. Virtuse Group Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based investment company holding 100% of Virtuse Exchange. The goal of this new website is to create a guide to digital wealth products and services. Our group’s solution partners are companies such as Gemini, Paxos, BlockFi, Cred and many more. We hope you enjoy our new uncluttered design that is easy to navigate, and more user-friendly.



New Partnership

Bringing even more liquidity into the orderbooks of Virtuse is one of our top priorities. 

Hummingbot solves liquidity challenges of exchanges by turning their communities into decentralized armies of market makers.




What are the benefits to invest in digital assets during the corona recession? 

  1. Safe haven investment to gold (buy PAXG here)
  2. Earing 8.6% interest on dollar-backed stablecoins 
  3. Purchase Oil or S&P 500 (buy here)


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