What is the best use of your time in a lockdown?

What is the best use of your time in a lockdown?

by Ras Vasilisin
16. April 2021
What is the best use of your time in a lockdown?

Imagine they dropped you in Turkey, and it’s the year 2008.

What’s the best use of your time?

The best use of your time is to figure out how to convert all of your Turkish lira to US dollars and get them out of Turkey.

Nothing else matters.


Because if you don’t, you’ll lose 86% of all your money.  

At the beginning of 2008, the exchange rate of the Turkish lira and dollar was 1:1. Now you have to pay more than 8 liras for one dollar.  See the chart below. 

What is the best use of your time 1

Sure, you could’ve analyzed every company, every piece of real estate, every bond, and figure out which one you want to invest in, but the answer would still be: 

It’s all a waste of time! 

The best strategy would still be buying dollars. 

Here is the critical part.

The fate of the Turkish lira applies to your dollars and euros now. 

The US and EU governments are doing everything they can to devalue their currencies. 

Keep in mind, 80% of all US dollars in existence were printed during the last 12 years. Check out the Fed’s money supply in the chart below. By the way, Fed has discontinued updating this “hockey stick” chart for obvious reasons. 

What is the best use of your time 1

We all know how this ends.

With such a massive monetary supply, you can be almost sure that we’ll see at least a 15% inflation rate continued in the coming years. 

I can almost hear you thinking…

But, I can protect myself against inflation by buying real estate, stocks, or gold.


Real estate returned 8.8%, stocks 14.1%, and gold only 3.7% a year on average in the last decade. These investments would have barely covered the actual inflation of 10-15% a year

So, once you analyzed the history, and you know how it all ends, the only use of your time would be: 

How do I buy more Bitcoin?

The return on Bitcoin was 201% every year for the last ten years. 

It’s a monetary network with a trillion dollars in assets and rapidly moving to $100 trillion. 

To put this in perspective, all the financial assets in the world represent $400 trillion. Half of that is looking for a store of value. 

You have once a lifetime transformation where all this $200 trillion of money sitting in negative-yielding fiat instruments could be converted to digital instruments. 

The solution is simple…

First, take all your money and buy Bitcoin.

Then figure out what you can sell to buy more Bitcoin.

And finally, figure out how to convert your future cash to Bitcoin. 

My point now is…

Convert your cash to the hardest money on the planet, educate yourself, so it makes sense if you’re not sure. 

And then educate everyone around you.

That’s the single best use of your time right now. 

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