Virtuse Report Categories and Guidelines

Virtuse Report Categories and Guidelines

by Virtuse Admin
24. September 2020
Virtuse Report Categories and Guidelines

Several categories of Tweets will be posted:

  • Charts of Perspective trades
  • Notice of completed chart patterns
  • Pending Trade Updates
  • Charts of Interest
  • Periodic polls
  • Dialog with members
  • Impromptu webinars
  • Virtuse University suggestions
  • Risk management ideas
  • Other 


Member guidelines:

  • Please do not comment or reply with GIFs.
  • Feel free to engage with other members by replying to their comment or liking their posts.
  • Please post under a related Tweet or the most recent Tweet. Our admin will answer as his schedule allows, but not guaranteed.
  • Members are welcome to answer questions from other members.
  • If you are soliciting, you will be removed from VWM Twitter. 
  • VWM Twitter is a place for interaction, encouragement, and education. 

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