Shitcoins are ‘garbage’: Bitcoin-only brokers on freedom and finance

Shitcoins are ‘garbage’: Bitcoin-only brokers on freedom and finance

by Ras Vasilisin
16. May 2022
Shitcoins are ‘garbage’: Bitcoin-only brokers on freedom and finance

Bitcoin-only exchanges explain that selling altcoins is an attractive business model that sidesteps far greater long-term benefits for society, such as greater freedoms and financial prosperity.

In Europe, “Bitcoin only” is a growing trend, as more and more consumers and companies are hardening their resolve that Bitcoin (BTC) is the only digital asset worth holding.

Bitcoin-only exchanges and brokers are places to stack sats, not “gamble” on Ether (ETH), or trade “garbage” that looks like “venture investments.”

That’s according to the CEOs of major Bitcoin-only exchanges and brokers, including CoinCorner, FastBitcoins, Relai, Bittr, Pocket Bitcoin and Bitcoin-lyon. Cointelegraph spoke to the CEOs and founders of these European Bitcoin brokers to find out why they are Bitcoin only, and why you should build a company on this conviction.

The separation of money from the state

Firstly, according to Danny Brewster, CEO of FastBitcoins, “Bitcoin is our only hope of separating money and state; it is the one opportunity that we will have to accomplish such a feat.” It’s a once-in-a-generation — perhaps, lifetime — opportunity to pry the money printer from the government’s hands.

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