Virtuse Enhances Custody Security with Unchain Capital Integration

Virtuse Enhances Custody Security with Unchain Capital Integration

by Virtuse Admin
22. April 2021
Virtuse Enhances Custody Security with Unchain Capital Integration

One of our top priorities has always been to bring bank-level-security security to Virtuse. That is why we’re excited to announce the integration to Unchained Capital.

Collaborative custody benefits

Through Unchain collaborative custody, Virtuse delivers solutions that raise the bar for Bitcoin security.

For the Bitcoin held in cold storage, Virtuse controls 2-of-3 keys, and Unchained holds 1-of-3 keys, with Virtuse able to rely on Unchained as a backup key holder.

collaborative custody for business

Virtuse’s keys are also geographically distributed to improve security and financial controls via Unchained’s private application.

99% of client funds in cold storage

Virtuse holds more than 99% of the assets offline in cold storage. Unchain Capital removes counterparty risk and entirely solves the custody of Bitcoin with its best-in-class multi-signature technology. 

“The US and EU governments are doing everything they can to devalue their currencies and wreck savers’ wealth all over the world. 80% of all US dollars in existence were printed during the last ten years, and fiat currencies will likely lose 90% of their value in the following years. With Unchained custody, we can now accelerate the transition of savers to the Bitcoin monetary system and protect their wealth fiat devaluation,” said Ras Vasilisin, founder and CEO of Virtuse.

Enhanced Wealth and Business Services

Our Wealth Services provides private clients and businesses with an accessible application to secure their private keys with Unchain solutions.

Private clients and businesses now have a custody option that removes counterparty risk, eliminates single points of failure, and allows multiple organization members to collaborate efficiently.

bitcoin for business

Virtuse has always been focused on building critical infrastructure for Bitcoin and delivering Bitcoin-centric financial services, and so has Unchain.

Virtuse specializes in algorithmic accumulation of Bitcoin, and Unchained specializes in Bitcoin custody infrastructure and multisig technology solutions. Using Unchain custody services, Virtuse can focus on its core competencies while delivering improved security to end clients. 

Key takeaways

  • Complete control over funds, eliminate counterparty risk
  • No single point of failure, native Bitcoin multisig
  • Keys replace weaker forms of authentication
  • Account-level controls augment Bitcoin private keys
  • Multiple members within a business can collaborate
  • Best-in-class security partner, access to financial services

About Unchained Capital

Unchained Capital is building a full-suite financial services platform for individuals and businesses that store long-term wealth in Bitcoin and demand private key ownership. Based in Austin, TX and founded in 2016, Unchained Capital is a technology leader with a mission to build a bitcoin native ecosystem that ensures everyone can secure and maximize their value bitcoin holdings over multiple generations. Learn more at

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